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Catalyst rules don’t always work on homepages in Chrome or Firefox

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Browsium Catalyst 1.0 or later


The first page loaded when a browser is launched is known as the ‘homepage’. Organizations using Browsium Catalyst may want to ensure users view the corporate homepage using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

This article covers some known issues when trying to load homepages in this manner, as well as explains why users may experience these issues.


The design of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is such that extensions are not loaded before the ‘first navigation’ which loads the homepage. Since the Browsium Catalyst functions as a browser extension, there is no viable timing window in which to ‘catch’ the homepage navigation request and redirect it to the desired alternate browser.


Organizations should set the default browser to the one desired, rather than letting the user pick the default browser of their choice, to ensure the homepage loads in the desired browser.

Alternatively, organizations could use the META REFRESH tag to create a ‘blank’ homepage that redirects users to the ‘real’ homepage. Chrome and Firefox browsers would load the ‘blank’ page as the homepage, at which time the Catalyst extension would loaded to ensure the REFRESH navigation event is handled by the browser set by corporate policy.

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