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How does Browsium Ion work?

IT administrators deploy the Ion Client to all PCs that require legacy compatibility or Java version management. The Ion Client reads a set of opt-in profiles and rules that were created in Ion Configuration Manager and deployed on a central server. This configuration controls which sites need to be rendered in an Ion-managed Internet Explorer window, using legacy document modes and specific browser settings for backward compatibility. Sites not explicitly designated in the Ion configuration run in the native, unmanaged Internet Explorer window. End users have no control over, or knowledge of, the Ion configuration. They simply access Internet and intranet sites as they normally would (links, favorites, searches, typed addresses) and Ion ensures that the page loads with the appropriate settings to ensure the application functions properly.

The Ion configuration controls Internet Explorer document modes, injects HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the fly, sets custom registry entries, and swaps in the required legacy versions of Java, at the web application or even web page level. This maximizes compatibility for all business-critical applications while simultaneously maximizing security for Internet browsing.

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