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How do Ion 4.0 Limited Java profiles compare to Oracle Java Deployment Rule Sets?

Limited Java profiles in Ion 4.0 build on Oracle Java Deployment Rule Sets (DRS) to provide enhanced Java management. The DRS functionality is built into the Java Development Kit (JDK) that Browsium has long-used for Ion’s Java Version Manager. Now, Ion 4.0 taps into more JDK capabilities to provide ‘white list’ functionality that locks down the use of Java to only those sites designated by IT, and Java swaps in the unmanaged instance of Internet Explorer.
Oracle DRS requires manual editing of XML files, manual certificate-based signing of JAR files, and repackaging/redeployment of the DRS JAR file every time a new JRE is released. Contrast these limitations with the powerful, new capabilities in Ion 4.0:

  • Creating and deploying an Ion Limited Java profile is simple. Ion Configuration Manager provides a GUI, wizard-based approach to creating the remediation. And the Ion XML configuration file deployed to client systems handles all the overhead of creating and signing the DRS JAR files.
  • Client systems can be upgraded to the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Ion Limited Java profiles will continue to work as originally created. The Browsium Client Controller maintains the integrity of the DRS files on each client system, ensuring Java swaps and Java blocks, always work as expected.

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