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Limited profiles fail to load legacy Java versions with 64-bit Java 8u144 and EPM enabled

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Ion, all versions.


System configurations where the default 64-bit Java installation is Java 8 update 144 that also have Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) enabled will encounter an error when attempting to perform a java swap using a limited profile. For example, you will see the following error if you were to attempt to use Java 6 update 45. Standard profiles are unaffected by this issue.


Changes introduced in Java 8 update 144 introduced EPM support in 64-bit tabs that causes 64-bit versions rather than 32-bit versions to be invoked if installed. This causes limited profile remediations to fail as Ion only supports 32-bit limited profile Java remediations.


There are a few options to work around this issue:

  • Uninstall 64-bit Java 8 update 144
  • Disable EPM
  • Switch from a limited profile to a standard profile
  • Disable 64-bit tabs for EPM (Windows 8.1 and newer)

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