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Resetting local Group Policy keys (for evaluating Ion)

Applies to

Ion 3.2 or earlier


During the evaluation of Ion, clients may have local Group Policies set to the machine to verify Group Policy support with Ion. Those settings may continue to stick even after the Policies being tested have been disabled.


If you set a group policy object to enabled but then delete the ADM or ADMX/L files, the registry settings persist and there is no way to disable them permanently. Deleting the policy registry keys is helpful in the short term but they get re-applied each time you restart your computer or run “gpupdate /force”.


Go to C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy. Inside this is a folder for Machine and User policies. Each of those has a registry .POL file which defines the registry settings. Deleting this file keeps the GP keys away.

Deleting this file will remove all group policy settings for the local machine, not just Ion. Other utilities exist that will allow you to edit the Ion keys out of the .POL file (e.g.


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