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Understanding the Hang Prevention Timeout feature in Ion

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Ion 2.x


This article details the function of and use for the Hang Prevention Timeout feature in Ion.


Feature introduction

The Hang Prevention Timeout feature is useful in situations where users are navigating to sites using Ion that appear to freeze or appear as if they are loading for an unusually long period of time. This feature is designed to mitigate the hanging page issue by forcing the troublesome process to reload if it has exhausted a given amount of time. The Hang Prevention Timeout setting ONLY affects sites that are rendered using an Ion Profile and has no effect on native browsing with Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

This setting is a global setting for Ion (meaning it affects all running rules and profiles) and can be found on the ‘Settings’ node in the Ion Configuration Manager, as shown below:


A value of 0 or lower will turn off hang prevention. A positive value will enable the feature with the given number of seconds. The default setting for this feature is 0 (disabled).


When should you consider changing this value?

If users are navigating to sites that have a tendency to exhibit hanging when loading, it might be advisable to set the Hang Prevention Timeout value to help manage the issue.

Consider also the following alternative explanation of the Hang Prevention Timeout feature, taken in part from the Ion Administrator Guide:

The Hang Prevention Timeout value enables an organization to automatically terminate a browser engine process if it goes longer than a predefined number of seconds without giving a response to the Ion Controller. After terminating the troublesome process, the Controller will automatically re-launch it.

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