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What happens if Microsoft releases a security patch for Internet Explorer? Will Ion be updated?

Browsium Ion has been carefully built using only supported and documented APIs and features provided by Microsoft. Ion’s technology design enables the software to deliver granular control over Internet Explorer document modes and settings while remaining in compliance with Microsoft development guidelines and without modifying any Windows system components. Therefore, Ion will not be affected by routine Internet Explorer security patches. When Microsoft releases patches for Internet Explorer, you can update your client PCs with the security updates on your normal schedule.

Typically Microsoft will only modify supported and documented APIs in major new releases of the browser, as changes of this magnitude can affect many Internet Explorer add-ons (toolbars, browser helper objects, ActiveX Controls). Browsium always evaluates every new Internet Explorer release to determine if Ion must be modified to be compatible. If we determine that an update is needed, we strive to release the new version of Ion soon after the new browser release.

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