Internet Explorer End of Life, Edge IE Mode Compatibility Issues?

In June of this year, Microsoft will be removing Internet Explorer from most versions of Windows 10. Every enterprise still has mission-critical applications that require IE.

How will this affect you? 

First things first, if you wish to continue to have access to IE in Windows 10, you will need to access it via the “browser within a browser”, Edge IE Mode. The implications for setup and management of this new process can be extensive.

Not Everything That Worked in IE Works in Edge IE Mode

Many people are reporting issues with IE applications running in Edge IE Mode. The problems range from simple graphic anomalies to complete blockage of a specific function. So far, we have been able to remediate these issues using Ion (see below), at a fraction of the price of updating apps to work in another browser or to replace them.

Browsium Ion – The Internet Explorer End of Life Solution 

Ion has always been the only purpose-built software designed to remediate Internet Explorer compatibility issues. Once configured to a specific URL, a secure Ion-controlled window is opened that can run ActiveX, multiple Java and IE versions, and a host of other necessary IE functions in a locked-down environment.

Enter Edge IE Mode. Current versions of Ion are fully compatible with Edge IE Mode and add the benefit of remediating unforeseen compatibility issues between Internet Explorer, and Edge IE Mode.

If you’re looking for a simple solution that will help you hurdle your Internet Explorer End of Life challenges then look no further than Browsium Ion.

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