Java Management

Manage, Secure, and Isolate Java in a 3-Stage Process

We get it. Java can be a real pain.

Java is, and will continue to be, a part of nearly every organization’s ‘standard’ desktop image, often used for mission-critical business applications. Its multiple releases, regular updates, and history of security vulnerabilities can present you with change management and application compatibility challenges, while creating security vulnerabilities for hackers.

Today, you can take charge of Java to optimize security and compatibility with Browsium’s browser management suite. Our customers use our software in this 3-step process to keep Java under control.


  • Java versions installed throughout your organization
  • Java usage by version, application, and user
  • Java usage on websites not controlled by IT


  • Map Java versions to specific application requirements
  • Map Java versions to department needs for PC provisioning
  • Determine Java versions that can be removed to reduce attack surface


  • Create configuration to isolate Java versions to applications that need them
  • Keep current version of Java up-to-date with each release from Oracle
  • Remove unnecessary Java versions throughout the organization

Why Wait!

Start taking control of Java today. Contact [email protected] and we’ll make sure you’re ready to fully manage and secure Java in your organization.

More information about how our browser management software works to secure Java can be found in our solution sheet: Take Charge of Java to Optimize Security and Compatibility.

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