Senior Field Engineer

Senior Field Engineer

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Job Code: BFE10005
Department: Browsium Consulting Services
Location: Flexible, with significant travel opportunities

Browsium creates business-ready solutions to browser problems – whether they are related to compatibility, manageability, control, or security. We are passionate about the web and are dedicated to delivering the tools enterprises need to effectively manage browsers in their organizations.

Our flagship product, Browsium Ion, allows organizations to enable legacy web applications to run smoothly in a modern browser. Combined with Browsium Catalyst that gives administrators control over a multi-browser landscape, Browsium Ion delivers solutions to ensure organizations have the flexibility needed to manage the modern web application desktop environment. As the ONLY provider of this type of technology, you will have unique access to the engineers who developed today’s commonly used browser technologies. The browser is at the core of most modern business applications, so having intimate knowledge of browser technology will put you ahead of the pack.

At Browsium you’ll find the ideal blend of a casual, fun, friendly atmosphere with a strong commitment to the company’s success. We work hard. We play hard. Bring your fresh ideas to us; you can make a difference here.


Job Description

If you like puzzles, this position is for you. Our customers are among the largest companies in the world, and each has a unique infrastructure and web application base. They share a common challenge in that they all need tools to enable desktop management in the modern web application environment.

As a Senior Field Engineer, you will be part of the team responsible for ensuring our customers successfully implement solutions based on Browsium products.  You will be responsible for assessing customer needs, defining the scope of work, and delivering the services. You will work remotely to evaluate and diagnose the environment, providing a basic expected scope of work. From there you will work with the customer either remotely or on-site and implement Browsium solutions. Additionally, you will be called on to assist global partners in supporting their customers and serve as a resource for those needing an extra level of our specialty expertise.

A core part of this role is problem solving – understanding the puzzle. Our customer scenarios are complex, rarely documented, and often utilize legacy technology that is many generations old. Our products provide a rich set of tools for solving their problems, but need an expert to break down the problem, isolate the issues, and create the final solution.

Required Skills

The successful candidate for this position will have strong problem solving skills, a broad technical foundation, and great communication skills.  The ideal candidate:

  • must have 5+ years of web development experience and/or relevant engineering experience
  • must have experience in Web development markup languages (HTML, XHTML, SVG, etc.), client-side languages (JavaScript, VBScript, etc.), and an understanding of server-side languages (ASP.NET, PHP, etc.)
  • must have familiarity with web debugging tools (Fiddler, Developer Tools, etc.) as well as Windows system tools (Process Monitor, Process Explorer, etc.)
  • must have strong technical aptitude with web technologies and be able to communicate easily with developers
  • should have a working knowledge of Windows domain and security structure including group policy usage and deployment
  • should have working knowledge of Regular Expressions
  • must have experience with customer communication and project management
  • must have understanding of enterprise software/update deployment technologies
  • must have understanding of the Internet Explorer plug-in model
  • should have understanding of advanced IE configuration (other browsers a plus)
  • would be well-served to have a working knowledge of Siebel, SAP, or Oracle legacy web application development



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