Take Command of Web Application Performance

Understanding how web applications are performing in your environment is essential to running an efficient enterprise. With more of your daily workflow powered by business-critical web applications, suffering from poor performance can directly impact productivity, your customer’s experience, and your company’s bottom line.

To truly improve web application performance, you must get a complete picture of performance from the end user’s experience. Browsium Proton is the IT management software tool that delivers this insight.

Telemetry delivered for every web page from every user

  • Page fetch and load time
  • Time and date
  • Browser used
  • Java version and ActiveX controls used
  • AD site and Organizational Unit
  • Client and server IP address

With the ability to drill down quickly to problem areas, you gain the ability to accurately monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot your critical line-of-business web applications. Here are some examples of how this data empowers you.

Top uses

  • Monitor web application performance to identify problematic patterns and unexpected performance
  • Identify most used web applications to prioritize performance optimization efforts
  • Troubleshoot web applications by using the application’s performance history as guidance
  • Monitor web application performance optimization progress
  • Determine if a particular version of Java is causing performance problems
  • Determine if legacy ActiveX controls are degrading the end user experience
  • Determine if script errors in specific web pages are causing significant delays and application time-outs

See Proton performance analytics in action

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Read the Web Application Performance Analytics solution sheet to learn more about how Proton collects and synthesizes performance telemetry to help you reach peak web application performance.

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