Shadow IT Control

Detection – The First Step in Embracing Shadow IT

The topic of shadow IT – identified and unidentified cloud applications or services not directly under the control of IT – is top of mind for organizations of all sizes these days. If left unmanaged, shadow IT represents a huge blind spot to a very large amount of organizational data and business workflows. This can leave your company’s sensitive data at risk when inadvertently stored in the cloud. In addition, undetected redundant software and services can cause your budget to take an unnecessary hit.

However, there’s good news. You can create value in your organization by embracing shadow IT. The first step in this process is understanding shadow IT activity in your organization. Browsium software gives you deep insights into shadow IT by collecting data including:

Data Collected by Browsium Software

  • Cloud file storage usage – who is sharing what proprietary files on unmanaged personal accounts.
  • User logins – helps you understand who uses which cloud service and how often.
  • Application ownership by department – lets you track which teams use and own specific SaaS applications.
  • Native cloud client accounts – determines how many accounts you have, if you can eliminate some, or get volume discounts.

Value Created by Embracing Shadow IT

With this new shadow IT telemetry, you can make a plan to take control and create value. Here are the areas where you can create value within your organization:

IT Operations
  • Boost end user support, by understanding what the environment should look like, and what tools the end user is accessing.
  • Deliver efficient and robust end user environment,understanding all system dependencies, and the impact of removing a business application or component, protects the overall user environment.
  • Improve IT planning with better ability to predict support needs.
  • Preempt inadvertent information disclosures,before they become a security problem.
  • Understand the true impact of reported software vulnerabilities, because you know exactly what software runs in your browser and cloud environments.
  • Rationalize and optimize software licensing, saving resources for value-add projects.
  • Eliminate unneeded server and cloud services, saving money.

See Shadow IT Detection In Action

Watch the video to see how Proton can be used to detect, and ultimately control, shadow IT usage in your organization.

(Watch below or on YouTube)


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