Windows Version Migrations

Assess, remediate, and monitor your web applications for a smooth migration to Windows 10 or Windows 11

Today most end user productivity tasks are performed in the browser, with on-premises or cloud-based web applications. When you migrate to a new version of Windows, you may assume all productivity applications and components will maintain compatibility post-migration. However, the stakes are high if your assumption is wrong. Compatibility issues with a business-critical application can result in a blocked migration and web application downtime will directly impact your organization’s bottom line. It’s just not worth the risk.

Browsium software delivers comprehensive browser environment telemetry and control, enabling you to confidently and smoothly migrate to the latest Windows releases. Our customers make agile, informed migration decisions and use Browsium software to head off issues before they become serious problems. They are empowered to understand and control their browser environment during a 3-phase migration process which includes pre-migration assessment, remediation, post-migration monitoring.

Pre-Migration Assessment

Any migration requires an inventory and understanding of the resources and workloads that must transition to your target platform. Here is what you can identify in your browser environment using Browsium software:

  • Most critical web applications to prioritize for pre-migration testing.
  • Which web applications require a legacy browser versus those ready for a modern browser such as Chrome or Edge.
  • Add-on interdependencies before removing one breaks a critical application.
  • Which applications can be left behind to reduce costs.
  • Software licenses you need, and don’t need, to get the best volume licensing and reduce unnecessary expenses
  • How to accurately plan hardware and cloud storage, reducing wasted resources

This critical data is delivered via a graphical dashboard, along with detailed reports on all on-premises and cloud activity organization-wide.


Next you need the ability to control your browser environment to ensure compatibility for all browser-based applications. This is achieved by remediating incompatible applications, routing traffic between multiple browsers, pairing applications with the most compatible browser, managing Java, and removing unnecessary software. Here are they ways Browsium software helps you can gain control to make a smooth migration to Windows 10 or Windows 11:

  • Enable legacy IE-dependent applications to run in Edge IE Mode, without rewriting or virtualization
  • Control which web applications open in Edge IE Mode and which in Chrome or Edge so end users can focus on their work, not which browser to pick
  • Manage which version is invoked or each web application
  • Isolate vulnerable, but necessary versions for legacy application compatibility
  • Run multiple versions side-by-side on a single system
  • Standardize on latest secure release to reduce your attack surface

Post-Migration Monitoring

Finally, you need the ability to monitor your browser environment to ensure you deliver an efficient and robust user environment. Browsium software enables you to do this in the following ways:

  • Web application compatibility issues can be identified and resolved with detailed telemetry of web applications, components, and interdependencies
  • Web application performance issues can be resolved and performance fine-tune with data collected at user endpoints, includes historical performance data, giving you deeper insight into patterns of web application performance

Get Ready For Microsoft Edge

As you plan your Windows migration, you’ll almost certainly encounter a strong push to standardize on Edge as your new, modern browser. Whether you use Edge, or adopt Chrome as your modern standard, you’ll need to understand your web application inventory and usage, along with which applications will work in Edge. We’ve written a detailed Edge-readiness blog post to guide your through this effort.

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