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Browser Compatibility Eliminated as Obstacle to Enterprise Migration to Windows 7

UniBrows™ from Browsium Inc. enables IE6 line of business applications to run natively on Windows 7 at a fraction of the cost and complexity of the alternatives

REDMOND — March 15, 2011 — Browsium Inc. today announced the release of UniBrows™, an innovative new product that enables millions of valuable Internet Explorer 6-based line of business applications to run inside Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, paving the way for large-scale enterprise migration to Windows 7. UniBrows is a lightweight browser add-on that is easy and inexpensive to deploy, requiring no new infrastructure and no servers.

With UniBrows there’s no longer a need to rewrite Web applications or install expensive and complex virtualization solutions. By simply installing UniBrows on PCs running Windows 7 or Windows XP with IE8, enterprises can continue to use all of their already-deployed and paid-for IE6 applications inside IE8 without modifying a single line of code.

Browser compatibility issues have dogged the enterprise in recent years, resulting in 74 percent of the organizations continuing to run the aging Windows XP on their desktop and laptop PCs and delaying browser and operating system upgrades as long as possible.  These compatibility issues, driven by line of business applications that run only in IE6, have the added problem of blocking deployment of Windows 7, forcing organizations to forego the business and technology benefits of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

UniBrows solves both problems via an IE8 add-on that enables IE6 web applications to run in an IE8 tab, enabling enterprises to upgrade PCs to Windows 7 while keeping their legacy IE6 applications running unmodified.

Browsium’s approach, called Web Application Continuity, extends the ROI of existing applications by freezing the platform for Web applications at a ‘known good state’, and providing granular control for side-by-side compatibility regardless of the browser engine or configuration required by each application. No other solution provides this level of compatibility and control.

“UniBrows eliminates all of the pain points for companies who are stuck on IE6, and would love to move to IE8 and Windows 7,” said Matt Heller, founder and CEO of Browsium. “UniBrows provides an immediate solution, allowing organizations to modernize their operating systems and browsers now, while they update legacy Web applications over time on their own schedules.”

UniBrows has been in testing by a variety of enterprise customers around the world for the past six months and the results have been extremely positive. Installation on Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs was quick and easy, and centrally configuring the web applications that need to use the IE6 engine was seamless.

UniBrows Features

UniBrows is compatible with all IE6 web applications, easy to deploy and manage, simple and secure, and completely transparent to users.  UniBrows delivers complete IE6 functionality and behaviors by using the original, native IE6 rendering, JavaScript, ActiveX and security design.

UniBrows gives IT administrators a convenient and simple management tool to create the rules and profiles for specifying which web applications are designated for use with the IE6 browser engine and legacy ActiveX components. All other intranet and Internet websites use the more secure and modern IE8 engine and current ActiveX controls by default.

UniBrows Availability

The commercial release of UniBrows is now available for enterprise deployment, supporting Windows 7 and IE8 on Windows XP. Pricing varies by size of organization.  Site licenses and volume discounts are available for larger organizations.


About Browsium, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Browsium Inc. creates enterprise-ready software solutions, enabling organizations to extend the life and ROI of existing line of business web applications as they roll out new operating systems and browser platforms to their client PCs. Browsium’s first product, UniBrows, promises to revolutionize browser compatibility by allowing legacy IE6-based web applications to run on Windows 7 and IE8 on Windows XP without modifying a single line of code.



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