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UniBrows Now Supports IE9

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Today we released UniBrows version 1.0.2 which adds support for IE9, along with a variety of performance and compatibility improvements.  Everyone who has been running UniBrows 1.0.1 has already received an email with a link to download 1.0.2. And all new Eval Kits will ship with 1.0.2 beginning today. (If you can’t find the 1.0.2 download email, email us at we’ll get you straightened out.)

The big “feature” in 1.0.2 is obviously the ability to run IE6-based web applications in IE9, as IE6 compatibility is the big draw for UniBrows today.

But there’s much more to UniBrows than just running IE6 apps in modern versions of IE.  UniBrows Profiles enable IT pros to manage the web application platform for their current applications as well as their legacy ones. Need to run an older version of Java in IE9? No problem? Using a web application that requires IE7 and Flash 9? No problem. Need to turn off DEP and NX for just one web application on your network? No problem. With UniBrows 1.0.2, the Profiles feature now enables granular control (or what we call Web Application Continuity) for the IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9 engines. The power is in the hands of enterprise IT to ensure that fragile web applications never break when new web platform components are added to the mix — including major ones like IE9.

There are other enhancements in UniBrows 1.0.2 — performance improvements, Group Policy improvements, and overall web application compatibility improvements. We’ve also added the ability to edit a rule after it’s been created in the UniBrows Configuration Manager. Check out the release notes for complete details on what’s new.


Keep the feedback coming in so we can continue to enhance the product on a regular basis. As always, check out our Support Site to see the latest KB articles and tips & tricks so you and your organization can get the most out of UniBrows.

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