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UniBrows 1.1 Has Released

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Today we released UniBrows 1.1, representing a major milestone in our release process. Version 1.1 contains numerous new features and compatibility improvements to support a variety of custom and off-the-shelf line-of-business applications. Some critical new features include web application session management controls in Profiles to enforce session isolation between individual tabs and comprehensive improvements to Group Policy support for deploying Rules and Profiles via Active Directory.

Another important change in UniBrows 1.1 is the introduction of the Browsium Continuity Framework. Browsium Continuity provides significant stability improvements and better internal code management behaviors. Some components and dialog boxes formerly referencing “UniBrows” will now reference “Continuity” but most of the changes are behind the scenes to make UniBrows a more solid solution for your web applications. More information on Continuity coming in another blog post.

To simplify deployments, there is no longer a need to uninstall earlier versions of the UniBrows Client when installing the current release. The UniBrows Client installation process will check for an earlier version and remove it before installation provided you follow the command-line installation instructions in the Release Notes. This new capability simplifies UniBrows version upgrades to all client PCs in your organization, which is essential given the rapid pace of innovation in the UniBrows software.

We recommend that every customer upgrade their test and production systems to 1.1 as soon as possible. If you’re already running UniBrows 1.0.3, you’ve been sent an email with a link to download 1.1 along with your most recent license key. Contact us immediately if you haven’t received it. If you’re new to UniBrows, fill out our Eval Kit request form and you’ll have 1.1 in your inbox within seconds.

We’re very excited about the improvements in this version of UniBrows and are confident that our customers will be too. But UniBrows 1.1 is just the beginning. With the Continuity Framework in place, we’ll be even more agile in our development, with many “electrifying” new products on the horizon.

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