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UniBrows 1.2 Now Available – Supports Siebel, XenApp, Script Injection, and Much More

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Today we released UniBrows 1.2 which builds on the capabilities of earlier versions, now enabling popular legacy enterprise applications such as Siebel CRM to run in IE8 on Windows XP or Windows 7, along with a host of new features to improve IE8 and IE9 compatibility for a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf IE6-dependent enterprise applications.  If you were already evaluating or deploying version 1.2, you should have an email from Browsium with a link to download 1.2. We recommend that every customer upgrade their test and production systems to 1.2 as soon as possible, so please contact us if you did not receive that email. If you’re new to UniBrows, fill out our 60-day evaluation kit request form and we’ll send you version 1.2 straight away.

The following table is designed to give you a picture of what’s new in UniBrows 1.2. We also plan to produce a series of technical blog posts to explain many of these features (and features of prior releases) in much more detail.

Feature Description
Legacy IE6 Engine Settings (Siebel and Oracle JInitiator Support) Enables Siebel, Oracle JInitiator, and other IE6-dependent legacy applications to run in IE8 on Windows XP or Windows 7. The Legacy IE6 Engine provides APIs and behaviors typically used by extremely old web applications and ActiveX controls.
Citrix XenApp Command Line Scripts Allows an IT administrator to run a specified command line after the UniBrows Controller starts and all of the engines connect to the Controller.  For example, the command line can be used to run a script or batch file that runs Internet Explorer within a custom application image when Citrix XenApp is used in conjunction with Windows Terminal Services.
Custom Script Injection Enables IT administrators to place JavaScript code onto webpages before they’re interpreted by the browser. This feature adds another layer of remediation to the Browsium Continuity technology stack, allowing administrators or remediation consultants to mitigate JavaScript (and, through script, HTML and CSS) bugs without modifying the original page content on a server.
Optimized Memory Usage Frees up unused memory faster and more reliably, enhancing long-term performance on older computers and virtual machines.
Context Menu Handler Allows for for more granualar control of the UniBrows context menu.  The context menu handler can now be turned off for a specific profile, allowing web applications to override the webpage context menu using JavaScript.
Loading Page Provides users with visual feedback of progress when accessing websites over slow connections.  The Loading Page is shown between the initial webpage request and the display of that webpage,


As always, we welcome your feedback on applications and scenarios you need supported in UniBrows so that you can successfully migrate your desktops from IE6 and IE7 to IE8, IE9, and beyond.  Please also share ideas for future technical blog posts. You can share your ideas using by leaving a comment on this post or by emailing us.


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