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Avis Europe Using UniBrows to Ease Windows 7 Migration

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A feature story today on the UK IT website ComputerWeekly highlighted Avis Europe’s migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. Avis is using UniBrows to keep their IE6-dependent applications working as they upgrade to Windows 7 with IE8.

As the article says, Avis was stuck until they found a solution for their critical business applications:

Given the 2014 time bomb on XP support, David Beshaw, head of IT operations at Avis Europe, did not want to be stuck on an unsupported operating system. But IE6 will not run directly on Windows 7, so to upgrade the OS, he needed a way to support the legacy applications and websites that Avis uses to operate its business.

The article goes on to describe why Avis chose Browsium as their technology partner for this critical project:

Avis selected Browsium’s UniBrows compatibility product to keep its IE6 applications running in Windows 7. “Browsium allows us to move to Windows 7 without going to a far bigger project to go into virtualisation,” says Beshaw.

Those a just a few highlights from this great success story. Read the complete article on the ComputerWeekly website.

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