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Browsium Ion 2.0 Update 2 Now Available

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Since the release of Ion in January of this year, we’ve remained committed to improving Ion’s compatibility with the web applications that our customers are running. Browsium Ion 2.0 Update 2, our second maintenance release, is now available. Update 2 is a full release of both the Ion Configuration Manager and Ion Client Add-on. Installation is seamless and quick, with no need to uninstall the previous version before installing Update 2. In addition, existing Ion project files will continue to work as is.

Ion 2.0 Update 2 (build number: 2.0.4505.40156) includes a variety of improvements, including:

  • Improved ability to properly recognize zone assignments for Fully Qualified Domain Names
  • Proxy server lookup performance for automatic proxy configurations has been optimized
  • Ion is now more compatible with IE8 and its behavior to truncate URLs when they include a ‘#’ character

A complete list of improvements, with more information about installing and using Ion 2.0 Update 2, is available in the release notes.

If you’re new to Ion and would like to learn more about the process we use for remediation, please check out our JumpStart Program web page.

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