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Take control of the multi-browser enterprise with Browsium Catalyst

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Beta now available

Our mission at Browsium has always been to provide enterprise IT with the tools needed to deploy, manage, and operate browsers on a global scale. Browsium Ion has been our flagship product for remediating Internet Explorer-dependent web applications. Now we’re extending our product line with a brand new tool to help you manage multi-browser environments.

Today we announced Browsium Catalyst Beta, a multi-browser management utility, which is now available for download. Catalyst makes deploying multiple browsers in the enterprise a manageable reality. It will reduce helpdesk calls and improve IT security by putting you in control of all browsers in your enterprise. With Catalyst, you can specify the most compatible and secure browser for each website on every PC in the organization, regardless of default settings and user behavior.

Multi-browser environments are today’s reality, even in the enterprise

We all have watched as browser choice has broadened for the enterprise and end-users. Today, many IT organizations are faced with multi-browser environments. Whether IT installs a second browser, or end users install and use the alternative browsers of their choice, this multi-browser trend is becoming increasingly common.

These multi-browser environments come with their own set of management challenges and there is often a need to address compatibility and security issues. When end users switch between legacy and modern business applications or access consumer sites on the Internet, multiple browsers pose compatibility risks. Also, using old versions of Internet Explorer on the Internet can compromise network security. These problems are solved with Catalyst.

Control of multiple browsers is made simple

Catalyst puts IT in control by letting you configure which browser opens each website on every PC in your organization. The Catalyst Configuration Manager makes it easy to build Browser Rules and deploy them throughout your enterprise. For end users, the process of using the most compatible browser is transparent. The right browser opens automatically, reducing helpdesk calls and lost productivity from browser incompatibility.

Find out for yourself

You can read more about Catalyst here on the Browsium site. We have a new Catalyst overview, frequently asked questions, and a comparison of Ion and Catalyst so you’ll understand when to use either tool – or both, depending on your specific needs. But you don’t need to spend all day reading about Catalyst. You can try it today by downloading the beta.

As usual, we need you to provide some basic information and a valid email to download our software. If you’ve already registered with us in the past, you don’t need to fill out the online form again. Check your email for a custom link for easy access to your copy of Browsium Catalyst Beta. Then send your feedback and feature requests. We’re going to work quickly to finalize Catalyst v1 so you can use “the right browser on every site” on every PC in your organization.

[Updated 18 December 2012: Browsium Catalyst Beta 2 is now available.]

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