Compare Catalyst and Ion

Browsium Catalyst and Browsium Ion are complementary products that serve very different functions. Many organizations will use both to achieve comprehensive compatibility and security for their enterprise. But there are some scenarios where Catalyst can reduce the need for Ion, at least temporarily. To help you understand how these two products can best fit into your IT environment, first remember each product’s purpose:

  • Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser.
  • Ion is a web application remediation and browser management solution, designed to simplify browser migration, manage and secure Java, and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security. 

The following scenarios demonstrate when Catalyst can be used instead of Ion, when Ion can be used instead of Catalyst, and when they could be used together:

Catalyst Instead of Ion

– Multi-browser management

Scenario 1:

  • Organization is running Windows XP or Windows 7 with IE8-dependent web applications. IE8 will continue to be used until legacy applications can be remediated in the future.
  • IT plans to use Chrome or Firefox for modern web applications and the Internet, with Catalyst controlling which applications are opened with Internet Explorer and which with Chrome or Firefox.

Scenario 2:

  • Organization is already using virtualization to keep IE6 or IE7 running legacy applications, while using IE11 for modern applications. Catalyst is used to ensure virtual IE6/7 is only used for the intended applications.

Ion Instead of Catalyst

– Web application remediation

  • Organization is standardizing on Windows 7 or Windows 10 with the most current version of Internet Explorer.
  • Remediation with Ion is required for legacy or modern web applications that don’t run properly in IE11.
  • No second browser is required (or allowed for end users to install), therefore Catalyst is not needed.

Catalyst Together with Ion

– Multi-browser management and legacy application remediation

  • Organization is remediating legacy applications with Ion and staying on Windows XP or Windows 7 with IE8.
  • IT installs Chrome or Firefox on every PC, using Catalyst to ensure end users only use IE8 for applications that require it, using Chrome or Firefox for modern, HTML5-based web applications and the Internet.

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