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Securing your enterprise with Ion and Catalyst

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Danger Zone

Browser security, or more precisely, browser “plug-in” security is in the news quite a bit these days with the recent Java exploit. While Java exploits are unfortunately quite common, this recent incident seems to be more serious. It’s not every day that the U.S. government recommends consumers disable or uninstall a browser plug-in because of security concerns.

Anyone who works in IT, or has a part time job as PC tech support for friends and family, knows how difficult it is for the typical PC user to manage browser security. We can coach them on safe browsing habits and encourage them to stay patched, but that’s about the extent of it. Beyond that, you just need to be ready to clean up after something goes wrong.

But for IT managing PCs in a large enterprise, much more can be done. Tools to manage browser security give IT a fighting chance to stave off the next security crisis and associated lost productivity (for both IT and end users). At Browsium, we build the tools that put IT in control of the browsers on end user PCs. This granular control yields considerable benefits when the next zero-day exploit occurs. The following are examples of how each of our core products help secure browsers in the enterprise:

  • Browsium Ion enables zero or partial footprint installs of ActiveX controls like Java. This means Java can be used for specific, trusted applications, but not exposed to the public web. We blogged about this recently.
  • Browsium Catalyst enables containment of one browser to the intranet while using another on the Internet to mitigate browser or plug-in exploits. This means Java could be enabled on the browser used for intranet applications but disabled on the browser used for the Internet. Read more in our Zero-Day blog post.

There are many more scenarios where Ion and Catalyst can be used to improve browser security in the enterprise. Give us a shout at to start a discussion on how our tools can help you mitigate security risk and keep your users productive.

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