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As browser choice has broadened, IT organizations like yours are increasingly faced with multi-browser environments. Whether your IT team installs a second browser on every PC, or your end users install and use the alternative browsers of their choice, this multi-browser trend is becoming ever more common.

While multi-browser environments are often needed (and desired) to address compatibility and security problems, they come with several management challenges.  When end users switch between legacy and modern business applications or access consumer sites on the Internet, multiple browsers pose compatibility risks.  In addition, using old versions of Internet Explorer on the Internet can compromise network security.

The complexities of multi-browser environments are continuing to become more challenging. Today, ongoing browser exploits (like the recent Java and Internet Explorer zero-day exploits) pose additional risks and work disruption if a second browser is unavailable. In addition, browser vendors have designed new ways for users to work around admin rights requirements to install software, so the traditional approach of locking down browser use is no longer a solution.

These problems are solved with Browsium Catalyst, which was released today and is ready for enterprise deployment.

The Right Browser on Every Site

Catalyst is a browser management utility that makes deploying multiple browsers in the enterprise a manageable reality. It reduces helpdesk calls and improves IT security by putting you in control of all browsers in your enterprise.  With Catalyst, you can specify the most compatible and secure browser for each website on every PC in your organization, regardless of default settings or user behavior.

Get Your Free Catalyst Evaluation Kit

We invite you to try Catalyst in your enterprise environment. Simply contact Browsium Sales or fill out the contact form in the navigation bar above.

You can learn more about Catalyst throughout the Browsium website. Be sure to read the product overview pages, peruse the FAQs, and search the Knowledge Base. If you’d like to talk with our team about pricing or a reseller in your region, you can email Browsium Sales.

The multi-browser enterprise is here to stay. Take control of yours with Browsium Catalyst.

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