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RIP Chrome Frame

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Google Chrome Frame

We blogged last year about why Chrome Frame wasn’t the right way to solve IE6 dependencies. The core issues we identified were lack of enterprise management and support, not to mention the fact that it encouraged organizations to continue running very old versions of IE.

Today Google agreed that Chrome Frame is not the way forward, as they’ve discontinued the product (effective January 2014). Instead, Google is recommending moving to a modern browser like Google Chrome. We wholeheartedly agree and have been big proponents of the value of the multi-browser enterprise – provided you have the tools to properly manage that environment. With Browsium Catalyst providing multi-browser management, Google Chrome (and Firefox) can be first class citizens in a managed enterprise.

But just adding a second, modern browser does not address the other concern – continuing to run old versions of IE6 (particularly IE6 and IE7 on Windows XP). To deal with that problem, a browser migration solution is required and that’s where Browsium Ion comes in. Ion enables legacy IE6- and IE7-dependent web applications to run in modern versions of Internet Explorer.

As web standards evolve and new enterprise web applications take advantage of the power of these platforms, the need for solutions to enable IT professionals to manage these environments will continue to increase. Browsium is committed to delivering these solutions to help IT manage and secure web browsers at global scale.

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