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Finish line in sight as Ion 3.0 hits release candidate

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One of the keys to delivering great software is actionable feedback from beta testers using the product in the real world. There are only so many real-world situations we can simulate in our test labs. Real testing by real customers is critical. Thanks to the great efforts of our beta testers, we’ve been able to close out hundreds of internally and externally discovered feature requests and bugs. That work has culminated in the Ion 3.0 Release Candidate (RC) which is now available for everyone to test.

Release Candidate is a very important milestone. It literally means “we think we’re done” and ready to ship the commercial release. But it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure the commercial release is of the highest quality … and has seen the inside of a large enterprise network, not just our test lab. So we’re asking anyone with a legacy web application to remediate, or multiple versions of Java to manage, to give Ion 3.0 RC a spin.

  1. If you have engaged with us in the past (regardless of whether you’ve been testing the Beta), we just need you to confirm your email address. We’ll direct you to the RC download page.
  2. If we didn’t find your email address in our database, or you’re new to Browsium, you can fill out our RC request form. we’ll direct you to the download page after verifying your email address.

To learn more about Browsium Ion 3.0, and prepare for your pre-release testing, please refer to the Ion 3.0 Release Notes.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get to this milestone. We’re on track to deliver the commercial release this month. So let’s get to work and deliver the tools needed to unblock your Windows 7 migrations and enable you to run legacy and modern web applications in a single browser.

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