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Are you still struggling to migrate legacy web apps from Windows XP to Windows 7? Having trouble running multiple versions of Java on end user PCs? Trying to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer but your web apps aren’t cooperating? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then today is your lucky day.  Browsium Ion 3 released this morning and it’s the ultimate solution for running legacy IE-dependent web applications in modern, standards-compliant versions of Internet Explorer.

What’s New in Ion 3

With the release of this major upgrade to Ion, you’ll notice dramatic improvements in ease of use, reliability, and scalability. In addition, Ion now supports PCs running IE10, adding to prior support for IE8 and IE9. Ion 3 is built on our new architecture called “Covalence”, which integrates the latest innovations and customer-desired optimizations into a cutting edge web application remediation platform. With Covalence, Ion can quickly and cost-effectively solve the most complex browser migration challenges, with no adverse impact on non-remediated applications.

Not Just for IE6 Migrations

In addition to overcoming IE6 and IE7 dependencies to unblock Windows XP to Windows 7 migration in enterprise, Ion also provides numerous capabilities which allow you to stop trading off security for compatibility. Ion gives you the ability to manage which versions of Java are loaded (or prevented from loading) in the browser, along with the ability to run multiple versions of Java side-by-side on a single system. The release of Ion 3 is timely as IE8 has already achieved legacy status (many SaaS providers, including Microsoft, Google and,, have dropped support for IE8), necessitating yet another browser migration for enterprises like yours. Ion facilitates easy upgrades by enabling IE8-dependent web applications to run in IE10 on Windows 7. Ion will also soon support Windows 8.1 and IE11.

Evaluating Ion 3 is Easy – Download it Today

Browsium Ion 3 is available now. You can download the free Evaluation Kit using the instructions below. If you’re already a Browsium Ion customer with a current support & maintenance contract, we’ll contact you directly to give you a new license key to upgrade to Ion 3. But you’re free to grab the Evaluation Kit and take it for a spin at any time.

  1. If you have engaged with us in the past, we simply need you to confirm your email address. Then we’ll automatically direct you to the download page.
  2. If we didn’t find your email address, or you’re new to Browsium, you can fill out our Evaluation Kit Request Form. You’ll have the software as soon as you verify your email address.

Thanks to everyone who has provided valuable product feedback and helped with testing the pre-release builds. We could not have achieved this level of product quality without your input. So now let’s get to work and unblock your Windows 7 migrations by enabling you to run legacy and modern web applications in a single browser.

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