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Microsoft lends a hand – slashes Windows XP custom support pricing

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As we’ve been posting for years (see complete list below), many organizations continually delayed their Windows XP migrations despite the April 8, 2014 end of support deadline. A migration of this magnitude is complex and expensive, made worse by the fact that many enterprises lost their ‘migration muscle’ because they stayed on XP for so long. However, in a surprising but well-received move to better support enterprises facing the reality of slower migration off Windows XP, Microsoft has slashed the price of an XP Custom Support Agreement (CSA) by as much as 96% according to Computerworld and ZDNet.

This is great news for enterprise customers, Microsoft, and Browsium.

Obviously, this move buys time to confidently make the migration away from Windows XP. But it also creates more time for us to help you plan the most effective way to put a browser management platform in your infrastructure to handle this immediate migration and the inevitable browser changes you’ll be wrestling with in the future. We can help you avoid any future ‘migration muscle’ atrophy.

While you’re still on Windows XP, web application compatibility is not something you can ignore. Whether you’re upgrading to IE8 on Windows XP, or adding a second browser (such as Google Chrome) to handle your modern web applications and cloud services, we can help. With Browsium Ion, we’ll help you avoid the time investment and cost required to rewrite or upgrade legacy web applications simply to make them run on IE8. And as more and more modern on-premises and SaaS web applications have dropped or communicated end of support for IE8, Browsium Catalyst enables you to seamlessly incorporate Chrome into your desktop environment. With Catalyst, you can use Chrome to run those new applications while Internet Explorer continues to handle the mission-critical legacy apps you simply can’t just rip out and replace.

New CSA pricing may have bought you some time, but eventually you will need to make the jump to Windows 7 or Windows 8 (or maybe Windows 9!). When that time comes, Browsium will be there to ensure your critical web applications make the jump with you, without sacrificing compatibility or security. Our browser management platform will enable you to keep a handle compatibility and security issues regardless of changes in browser technologies.


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