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Safety in numbers: Browsium industry success stories

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Many in IT want to be seen as innovators – a very worthy aspiration. But it’s also comforting to know that the technology platform upon which you’re going to bet your business is a proven solution already in use by many other organizations just like yours. It’s exciting to be first … but who wants excitement in IT when mission-critical web applications are at stake?

When choosing a browser management platform, you can rest easy. You’re not first. In fact, far from it. Browsium solutions have now been successfully deployed by a broad range of organizations across a variety of industry verticals. We’ve put together a sampling of real-world stories of Browsium products at work solving real enterprises browser management challenges.

This compilation of success stories spans the finance, pharmaceutical, retail and transportation industries. While each story has a unique browser management challenge, in all cases the need to ensure the preservation of business critical applications was paramount. These enterprises have:

  • Unblocked their migration to new operating systems and browsers by remediating legacy web applications so they run in the new environment.
  • Taken control of their Java-based applications, running the current, secure version side by side with legacy versions required by their applications.
  • Enabled their modern and legacy web applications to co-exist without concerns about compatibility and security.
  • Trained their IT teams to be browser management experts, so they can quickly and cost-effectively respond to future requirements for new business solutions and infrastructure upgrades, without compromising existing business-critical applications.

These achievements have all taken place thanks to Browsium’s browser management platform.

Take a look and see how much your organization has in common with these highly successful and technically complex enterprises. Read Browsium Industry Success Stories.

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