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Browsium Ion 3.3 now available with enhanced enterprise deployment capabilities

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As the Browsium Ion customer base has grown, the diversity of  IT deployment/management processes and client/network configurations have grown along with it. This diversity has driven a set of new product requirements and the need to enhance Ion’s enterprise deployment capabilities to make Ion a first-class citizen in the most demanding enterprise environments.

We’ve now delivered on these requirements with Browsium Ion 3.3, which is available today. In Ion 3.3, key areas of our software code have been optimized and we’ve added many new features aimed at making Ion much more robust. The end result is a powerful combination of the browser management and web app remediation capabilities that Ion has been known for, plus a new level of deployability and manageability that enterprises demand.

What’s New in Ion 3.3

Ion 3.3 has many visible changes, and some great improvements in the plumbing. Here is a brief list:

  • New manager design enables multiple projects to be edited side-by-side, simplifying project development
  • Copy/paste rules and profiles between projects, and configuration items within projects, for faster configuration development
  • Improved configuration testing functionality uses project files instead of serialized registry entries
  • New, syntax-aware text editor for working with complex text entry fields
  • Support for Java 8 as default version of Java in Java Version Manager
  • New ADM/ADMX templates for easy Group Policy deployment of project file pointers
  • New command-line switch displays registry and file location of active Ion configuration
  • Improved robustness to handle scenarios where browser process starts before Ion Controller after PC reboot
  • Configuration caching to enable offline Ion process initialization when deploying configuration file on a central server

Complete details about “what’s new” in Ion 3.3 can be found in the Release Notes. We highly recommend reading them before installing.

Install Ion 3.3 Today

Who should upgrade to Ion 3.3? Frankly, everyone deploying or evaluating Ion.  If you’re already an Ion customer, you can download the new version from the download page sent to you with your license key. If you’re just evaluating Ion now, or are interested in evaluating it, you have two options:

  • If you have engaged with us in the past, we simply need you to confirm your email address. Then we’ll automatically direct you to the download page.
  • If we didn’t find your email address, or you’re new to Browsium, you can fill out our Evaluation Kit Request Form. You’ll have the software as soon as you verify your email address.

Be sure to read the FAQs and search the Knowledge Base. If you’d like to talk with our team about pricing or a reseller in your region, please email Browsium Sales.

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