Q&A from April 2015 multi-browser management webinar

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On 1 April 2015, Browsium hosted a webinar: Multi-browser Management with Browsium Catalyst. The webinar was a huge success and generated a number of great questions from the audience. We have compiled the complete set with answers to share with all attendees, and anyone else who is interested in multi-browser management. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the video archive on YouTube today.

Read on to see the questions (and our responses) from the webinar.


Browsium Webinar Q&A: Multi-browser Management with Browsium Catalyst

Will Catalyst also manage different versions of Java per browser like Ion does?

Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager for the enterprise, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser. Catalyst can help you secure Java by only allowing a browser with Java disabled to access public websites. Browsium Ion is our solution for Java version management, enabling multiple versions of Java to run side-by-side in a single browser.

Does Catalyst download the needed browser or does the browser have to be downloaded previously?

Browsium does not create or distribute web browsers. We provide browser management tools that work with all major browsers used by enterprise organizations. You will need to download your required browsers from their respective vendors and then install the Catalyst Client on each end user PC to centrally manage the browsers throughout your organization.

What are the integration benefits of using Catalyst and Ion together?

Browsium Ion is a web application remediation and browser management solution for enterprise, designed to simplify browser migration and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security. Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager for the enterprise, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser. Together they provide a complete browser management platform.

Imagine you are an IT director in an organization that is in the process of migrating from IE8 to IE11 and you must keep your business applications up and running throughout the process. At the same time, many of your end-users may use another browser for personal purposes, and even tend to favor this other browser because it’s what they use at home.

This is where Catalyst and Ion come together to facilitate productive workflow for you as the IT director and your end-users. You can use Catalyst to redirect to all business applications to IE11, while you have Ion to remediate legacy IE8-dependent applications that you now need to run in IE11.

You have control over the entire browser environment, maximizing compatibility and security while still giving your end-user a choice of browsers for the web.

Will Catalyst support Project Spartan in Windows 10?

We hope to support Spartan in Windows 10, but it’s too early to commit since the preview of Spartan just came out this week and it doesn’t have an extension model at this stage. We expect enterprises to standardize on IE11 in Windows 10, as Microsoft has recommended. If end users also want to use Spartan in the enterprise, and Microsoft provides the APIs for Browsium to manage Spartan, we will investigate providing a version of Catalyst that supports it.

Is there another webinar for Ion coming up soon?

We will be posting our upcoming webinars on the Browsium Blog. We try to host one every 45-60 days. As a reminder, you can watch the archive of our Java webinar from December 2014 and our IE11 migration webinar from January 2015.

Is Catalyst scalable for my IT environment if I have 20,000 users?

Catalyst has infinite scalability in any IT environment, as the program itself does not require any servers. If your organization is experiencing rapid growth, Catalyst can tackle that growth, quickly and efficiently (assuming you’ve purchased the required number of seat licenses).

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