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September browser management webinar now available on-demand

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Update September 23: The video archive from the September 21st webinar is now available.

Our last webinar “Why IT operations management tools are insufficient for the modern end-user workspace … and what you can do about it” was so successful we’re running another live session on September 21st. This time it is scheduled to be convenient for those on the East Coast and Europe.

The browser is now the core platform for end user workloads in the enterprise, with web applications outnumbering native Windows applications by 12:1. Yet modern IT organizations like yours lack the tools to properly manage this critical component of the end user workspace. Why? It’s all about the application architecture.

Existing management solutions are designed around packaged, installed, native Windows applications, whereas today’s browser-based applications are compiled at runtime with no clear application boundaries. This calls for a management toolset designed for dynamic, browser-based application environments. Without these tools, your organization is open to an array of hidden risks, ranging from security threats to wasted money. But you can do something about it, and it starts with this 30-minute webinar.

Webinar: Why IT operations management tools are insufficient … and what you can do about it
Wednesday September 21, 2016 
Watch On-demand:  Watch now

Join us as we discuss the landscape of modern IT operations management. You’ll learn why managing the browser is more than Group Policy settings and controlling Security Zones. Today, your organization needs a complete browser management solution that gives you visibility, knowledge, and granular control of your mission-critical application platform. With our major upgrade to Proton, Ion, and Catalyst 4.0 released last month, that complete solution is here.

Stop taking unnecessary risks with your IT environment and start taking command of the browser. Register now to learn how.

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