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New whitepaper outlines how to take command of your browser and cloud estate

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Times are changing. Desktop and client/server business applications of the 90s have been overtaken by a wave of browser-based web applications that run your business workloads today. Workloads such as ERP, CRM, document management, and time reporting are all experienced in a web browser, making your browser the epicenter of business user activity and critical workplace application use.

You’re likely to be surprised at the impact this shift has on enterprise IT. Understanding this transformation exposes a variety of opportunities for you to improve the efficiency and security of your IT environment, while saving your company significant amounts of money. The key is knowing how to address the unique challenges this paradigm shift presents.

To help, Browsium has just published a new whitepaper: Inventory and Analytics – The Key to Taking Command of Browser and Cloud Estates in the Enterprise. It will give you an understanding of how this paradigm shift came about, and what you can do today to regain control of your modern enterprise.

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