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Browser management suite 4.2 now available

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New release enables IT to troubleshoot and improve web application performance

Today we released version 4.2 of our browser management suite, with updated versions of Browsium Proton, Ion, and Catalyst. These three modules comprise the first-ever end-to-end browser management suite, designed to address the hidden risks inherent in enterprise web application environments.

Granular-level performance analytics help improve user productivity

Version 4.2 of our browser management suite is big step forward in performance analytics, which are essential as you work to optimize web application performance and ultimately improve end user productivity.The unique features of performance analytics in this release are centered around rich data sets and comprehensive reporting in Proton 4.2.

Rich data sets

The performance analytics data delivered in version 4.2, provide insights to assist you in troubleshooting and isolating issues at a granular level. Using this data, you can determine if performance problems exists on a single user, grouping of users, geographic basis, or if the issue is impacted by time of day or even by other browsing activity. This data identifies issues and anomalies that would otherwise be invisible to existing performance monitoring solutions.

Proton 4.2 achieves this by collecting detailed performance metrics, including how long each page load takes on each client PC. With this data, Proton can summarize the performance of multiple web applications, including historical and current page load times, and how the current load times compare with the historical average. This is displayed on the main Performance page in Proton Manager. (see image)

In addition, for each web application, Proton shows the historical access rate and average page load times per hour across days and weeks of collected data. With Proton, you can also drill down into a single hour to view detailed data on each user and URL accessed. This is displayed on the Performance History page in Proton Manager. (see image)

Comprehensive reporting

The 4.2 release also includes comprehensive data reporting. It enables you to view reports of web application performance at a rollup level, and includes the individual detailed reports for each client, so you can find outliers instantly. Data is displayed using charts and graphs, making it easy to spot trends without pouring over large data sets. This reporting is an important resource as you continue improving your IT services.

Other Highlights

Customer requested 64-bit Java capabilities have also been add in this release, specifically:

  • Detection of 64-bit Java in both client inventory and activity.
  • Support for remediation of 64-bit Java in full Ion profiles.

A broad array of other improvements have also been included in each module’s 4.2 release. More details can be found in the release notes for each module linked to the table at the bottom of this post.

Why a browser management suite?

Today, enterprises rely on web applications for nearly every business task, yet they lack the tools to manage this browser-based end user workspace. Existing management solutions are designed around the old installed, executable application. Browser-based applications are very different, with applications compiled at runtime and no clear application boundaries. A new management paradigm is required for browser-based applications.

Managing the browser is more than Group Policy settings and controlling Security Zones. Your organization needs a complete browser management solution that gives you visibility, knowledge, and granular control of this mission-critical application platform. Our browser management suite gives you a new management toolset, so you can take command of your modern IT workspace to increase security and save money.

Install 4.2 releases today

There’s no reason to wait, you can download the 4.2 releases today. If you’re already a Browsium customer, you can download the new version of your module from the download page sent to you with your license key.

If you’re just evaluating our suite, or are interested in evaluating, you have two options:

  • If you’ve engaged with Browsium in the past, you simply need to confirm your email address. Then we’ll automatically direct you to the download page.
  • If we didn’t find your email address, or if you’re new to Browsium, you can request an evaluation kit. You’ll have the software as soon as you verify your email address.

Follow the appropriate link to confirm your email address or fill out an evaluation kit request form. Clicking a module name will open the release notes.

Module (release notes) Already in our database New to Browsium
Proton 4.2 Confirm your email address Request Proton evaluation kit
Ion 4.2 Confirm your email address Request Ion evaluation kit
Catalyst 4.2 Confirm your email address Request Catalyst evaluation kit


Be sure to read the FAQs about the 4th generation of our browser management suite. If you’d like to speak with our team about how to get started with a browser management assessment, please email us. To see the new features in Proton, put on your driving gloves and take it for a TestDrive.

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