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Time’s A Wastin’, Migrate IE Apps to Edge IE Mode Now!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but MICROSOFT WILL CEASE SUPPORTING IE IN MOST VERSIONS OF WINDOWS 10 IN JUNE OF 2022! Migrate IE apps to Edge IE Mode now!

Now, being a client of Browsium’s, there’s an awfully good chance that the above fact will be impactful to your enterprise’s future.

OK, let’s start with the basics. Microsoft didn’t simply abandon everyone who depends on a legacy app or two. Nope, they’ve created a separate platform for IE in Chromium Edge called Edge IE Mode. In the simplest of terms, a browser within a browser.

OK, you say, no biggie, I’ll just keep using my legacy apps in Edge IE Mode.

Not so fast, my friend. Ion, as an example, was specifically designed to remediate a whole host of issues that cropped up between IE and the brave new world of the modern browser. Not surprisingly, the assumption at the time was that since the mitigations were for IE applications, that basing the code in IE would, well, work until there was no longer a need for IE legacy applications to be remediated (resounding duh!).

So, Microsoft’s announcement last summer that they were dropping support for IE in (most instances) was a bit of a surprise, as well as was the brevity of the time between the announcement and the termination date.

As you are aware, Team Browsium jumped on our Browser Suite code and upgraded it to be compatible with EIEM.

As you are aware, Team Browsium jumped on our Browser Suite code and upgraded it to be compatible with EIEM.

How does this affect you, the customer, if you plan to use Edge IE Mode with our Browsium software?

First things first, before the Browsium Client (unified for Ion, Catalyst and Proton) and Configuration Manager(s) can be updated, the license server (BCMS) must be upgraded first. This new version of our BCMS software requires SQL Server 2017 or newer.

Once BCMS has been upgraded, you can proceed with the Client and Configuration Manager upgrades.


load the old config file (.bcx) in the v4.9 Configuration Manager and open the Profile Manager. You will notice for each profile there is a new option – “Browser Platform”. It will be set to: “Internet Explorer”, with 2 other options: “Edge Internet Explorer Mode” and “Auto”. In most cases, it will make the most sense to select “Edge Internet Explorer Mode”. If you would prefer that the browser that launches the application is the browser opened in, then select “Auto”. This step must be completed for each profile!


Again, Edge IE Mode is basically just an additional browser. so, the profile’s target will need to be changed to Edge IE Mode in the Catalyst Configuration Manager. This step must be completed for each profile!


Aside from the download, there’s really nothing much for you the user to do; Proton will now have an additional column for Edge IE Mode for all the telemetry data that you have been collecting for each of the other browsers in your environment.

As always, thank you for your comments and suggestions.

As some lads from England would say: Happy Krimble and Hari New Year!

Once BCMS has been upgraded, you can proceed with the Client and Configuration Manager upgrades

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