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Protecting against Log4j vulnerability and more

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By now, you’ve heard and read extensively about the log4j vulnerability. Given the success of Java and the generic need for logging….it’s easy to see how it’s everywhere. Browsium solutions don’t use log4j, so our products are not impacted or vulnerable to this issue.

While the best practice would be to upgrade or patch to a non-vulnerable version, we recognize that requires a few critical steps:

  1. Know if you’re impacted
  2. Find the vendor/software package impacted
  3. Get the update
  4. Test the update
  5. Deploy the update

None of those are easy steps, so this becomes a giant fire drill. We can help with that first item using our Browsium Proton inventory data, so they have a leg up on knowing the vendors to contact. But what do you do with older software packages that are out of support? Or the vendor is gone? Or the product upgrade is expensive (and time-consuming)?

That’s where our customers are in great shape. Because our Browsium Ion solution was built to manage web-based Java applets and JLNP applications, the mitigation is as easy as a single line added to the configuration. That’s it.

Customers don’t need to scramble for that inventory. They don’t need to furiously contact vendors about vulnerability status—no need to get new software, no testing those new packages. The only deployment is updating their Browsium configuration. The existing client software is ready to go.

So if you’re scrambling to deal with log4j vulnerabilities now, we can help put some order back to the mess. And help your organization be prepared for the next time this kind of thing happens. Be ready to react and mitigate without the panic and fire drill. Our products were designed to provide the platform-tools needed to address problems so we can help you solve the known and the yet to be known issues impacting your enterprise applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our Browsium Suite and get started with the tools to help IT and Security staff manage the chaos.

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