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The end of Internet Explorer. Again. For Real.

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June 15, 2022, is here. Internet Explorer is being retired. Forcibly retired in some companies and long-forgotten having been retired at other organizations. And of course, Internet Explorer is such a part of the Internet itself where nothing EVER really dies, so it will live on for Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) users.

From our standpoint, at Browsium, this isn’t a big thing. Not our first rodeo, as they say. The company was founded based on needs generated from ‘the end of IE6,’ and IE held on for quite some time. Then IE7 and IE8 and so on. All the releases lost market share and slowly continued to become obsolete well before they disappeared from enterprise systems. Necessity is both the mother of invention and the owner of technical debt.

We also remind our customers and new prospects that this SHOULDN’T matter. While we started the business to tackle a legacy application problem, we knew that these problems are lifecycle issues, not a singular technical event. The specifics of addressing the challenge of Internet Explorer’s end of life are essential. Still, more crucial is having the tools and team that have been through many cycles of these kinds of problems.

As we say a (sort of) farewell to Internet Explorer, remember that the next end-of-life issue is coming before you know it. It’s the nature of the web. Internet Explorer was far from perfect, but the modern browsers aren’t perfect either. We learn better ways. We invent a better web ALL THE TIME. The takeaway from this end-of-life milestone should be that you don’t remember it. Having the tools from Browsium to identify the impacts and execute the business needs to continue operations should mean that the IE end of life is just another Thursday.

If you’re worried about the IE end-of-life impact on your organization, don’t be. We can help address these immediate questions and challenges. At the same time, we help you build a long-term plan around the IT Operations Management tools purpose-built to tackle the unique browser application management scenarios. We can help you ensure that the pace of web application change is under your control regardless of what vendors and platforms decide to do. Take control of your environment today and breath easier that the end isn’t anywhere near.

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