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The Last Mile of Browser Visibility

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Enterprise IT has always closely monitored its assets for efficiency and security. Many IT managers, however, have turned a blind eye to visibility inside the most used and powerful application in the modern IT environment, The Browser. It’s time to move to the Last Mile of Browser Visibility.

The Browser is a Self-Contained, Semi-Advanced OS

Traditional ITOMs monitor nearly everything in a Windows OS all the way to the application layer. Unfortunately, the visibility into where users spend most of their time – the browser – stops there.

ITOM for the Browser: Proton

IT Administrators

Proton gives you a complete view of all thing’s browser, from detailed inventory information on add-ons and extensions to URL-specific activity reporting. With Proton, you can quickly identify where users are going, what those pages are doing, and which ones are causing issues.

IT Security

Unlike conventional applications, the browser and the web present multi-pronged threats. Proton can quickly help clarify critical security questions when time is short. Using a single tool, you can assess and quantify risk from emerging web security issues across the enterprise.

Business Owners

Proton enables you to measure the application value to the organization through usage and enhanced telemetry metrics. Proton helps business owners understand the impacts of adopting new technology without breaking or replacing existing solutions.

Browser Visibility = Enhanced Efficiency and Security

Can you afford not to know what your users are doing in the modern browser?

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 Lately, I have been trying to wrap my head around the promise of Web 3.0. As it turns out, the ramifications are both exhilarating and slightly terrifying. On the surface, an AI-driven, decentralized, blockchain-encrypted metaverse sounds too good to be true from a security and privacy perspective, and even better as a quality-of-life enhancement.

Garbage in Garbage Out Garbage in Garbage Out

Unfortunately, the garbage in garbage out paradigm will always apply. Take for example the AI chatbot “Tay” using Twitter ( experiment from 2016. Twitter took less than 24 hours to turn Tay into a bullying sexist racist. Worse yet, what if bad actors insert data designed to break security or influence national opinions?

It’s Coming, Like it or Not

I bring this up because, by its nature, Enterprise IT adapts to change rather slowly (need I mention MS extending IE until at least 2029 with Edge IE Mode?). So, like it or not, Web 3.0 is coming. A decentralized internet will require an even more sophisticated browser – a cryptocurrency “wallet”, for example, will need to be added that will send and receive currency for the data you use and the data you share (what could possibly go wrong?). More sophistication will require more oversight/visibility inside of the most used application in your user’s environment. Rest assured, Browsium will be ready – at the application level – to navigate the brave new world of Web 3.0.

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