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Enterprise Browser Management Platform

Browser Management for today’s IT Teams

An effective browser management tool is critical for effectively navigating the challenges of web application visibility, control, and insight. Web browsers are a vital component of any modern IT infrastructure. Most business applications run in a browser, with more moving to the cloud every day. Yet the tools to understand and manage the complexities of web applications and browsers have not kept pace. Without effective tools, you have no visibility into activity inside the browser or ability to manage this environment. This blind spot leaves organizations like yours open to security risks, blocked or stalled migrations, compatibility issues, and under/over-utilized software licenses. Browsium’s browser management platform is the solution you need to meet this IT challenge.

Browser Management Delivers Inventory, Analytics, and Control of Your Web Application Environment

Browsium’s browser management platform is the only comprehensive suite of tools designed to give enterprise IT granular understanding and control of their browser environments, to optimize web application compatibility, security, and efficiency. Browsium’s solution enables quick and cost-effective responses to the continual changes in web technologies.

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How Browser Management Helps Optimize Use, Mitigate Risk, and Enable Better Decision Making

With Browsium’s browser management platform, IT organizations can overcome challenges such as:

  • Understanding which web applications are in use and who uses them
  • Identifying interdependencies between web applications, browsers, and add-ons
  • Migrating to updated browsers without breaking critical web applications and disrupting workflow
  • Java version management and securing “zero-day” Java exploits
  • Managing multi-browser PC environments including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Planning and executing OS and browser migrations and new IT initiatives with up-to-date data and analysis
  • Keeping step with ever-changing browser features and security improvements

Browser Management Platform Components

Browsium’s browser management platform is comprised of three software modules, Browsium ProtonBrowsium Ion and Browsium Catalyst. These products can be used together or independently in your enterprise IT environment.

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