Browser Management Vision Document

Browsers: The New Nerve Center of Your Enterprise

Discover the top browser-driven costs to IT and how to overcome them


Executive Summary

Over the past decade, enterprise organizations like yours have experienced a paradigm shift in end user computing. Your traditional world of native (Win32), executable client applications has given way to a portfolio of browser-based line-of-business applications and cloud-based solutions. While this rapid evolution has delivered great benefits, it has come at a cost and has left your IT organization without the tools to effectively manage this new landscape. In addition, it has significantly impaired your ability to understand, manage, and secure complex activities within the browser environment, opening your enterprise to increased security risk and wasted money. This paper explores why a modern enterprise like yours needs management tools designed for browser-based applications, the cost of an unmanaged browser to your organization, new browser challenges on the horizon, and how Browsium’s browser management suite solves these challenges.

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