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Additional requirements for the Legacy Edge extension on Windows 10 Enterprise 1809

Applies to

Browsium Client 4.4 and later


Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 is missing some key .NET Native components that are required for the Browsium Client Legacy Microsoft Edge extension to be installed. These components are packaged as .AppX files and can be installed before the Browsium Client to ensure the Edge extension is installed and enabled without issue. This issue does not apply to Microsoft’s newer Chromium-based Edge browser.


Microsoft’s official Github has the .AppX packages you will need to download and install. You will need both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the 1.3 Framework and the 1.4 Runtime found below.

Note that this is not necessary for Windows 10 Professional 1809 and only effects the Enterprise SKU and the legacy Edge browser.

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