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How does Browsium Catalyst enable my enterprise to use multiple web browsers?

Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager for the enterprise, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser.

Catalyst works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on all PCs in the enterprise. IT creates the Catalyst rules to govern which browser opens each web application throughout the organization. This configuration is then deployed to end user PCs using management tools already in place.

Managing browsers in the enterprise improves application compatibility and IT security in the following ways:


Catalyst ensures end users always use the optimal browser for each web application. Business applications are accessed via the most compatible browser, as determined by IT, while the Internet can be accessed with a modern browser, often chosen by end users. In many environments, that modern browser is a second browser installed by IT to address compatibility issues with the wide variety of business applications used in today’s enterprise organizations. Catalyst puts IT in control in every case.


Catalyst maximizes enterprise security by enabling IT to set policies which control all browsers in the environment. End users cannot easily override settings to use an insecure browser on the Internet. A modern, secure browser always opens sites on the Internet, regardless of user behavior. In addition, Catalyst gives IT the control they need to respond to an emergency. When a zero-day security issue hits one browser, IT can completely shut that browser down, or ring-fence it to only be used for intranet applications, by pushing out a simple Catalyst configuration.

Catalyst delivers browser flexibility, a more secure computing environment, and a transparent end-user experience, resulting in reduced IT management costs and improved end user productivity. Learn more about Browsium Catalyst and Browsium’s browser management platform.

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