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Clearing a persistent Proton client error state

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Proton 4.0+


Proton clients can occasionally enter a state where there is an error that is not automatically handled by the controller. This error state can be cleared by stopping the Browsium controller, deleting the cache on the Proton client system, and restarting the controller.


To clear the persistent error state on a client you will need to access that machine and run ‘BrowsiumController.exe /stop’ in the location where the Browsium Client is installed. By default on a 64-bit machine this location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Browsium\Client\.

Once you have stopped the controller for the client that is in an error state you will need to delete the Proton cache file. The default location for this file is in the user’s Local AppData folder under %LOCALAPPDATA%\Browsium\Proton. The filename will vary depending upon the version of Proton you have installed. For instance, the version we are using in this example has the cache file ‘Cache_v17.sdf’.

You will then need to start the controller by returning to where the Browsium Client is installed and running ‘BrowsiumController.exe /start’. It is essential that the controller be stopped and restarted during this procedure otherwise a new Proton cache file will not be generated. Once the controller has started up the client should show an “Online” status and should also begin reporting activity. With the cache cleared the machine will wait up to an hour to establish it’s first connection as if it were a new client. Once it has received the Proton Server’s configuration information it will adopt the times defined in the Proton Manager’s configuration page. This delay is necessary to ensure that a large number of new client installations do not attempt to access the Proton Server at once.

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