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Converting Browsium Client setup from an EXE to MSI

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Browsium Client 4.0 and later


In order to support Internet Explorer’s Enhanced Protected Mode, Browsium’s Client software is now packaged in an executable (.EXE) that contains both 32 and 64 bit components. Command line switches used with previous (.MSI) installation media described in the Administration Guide for Ion, Catalyst and Proton can be used with the executable (.EXE) media.


Browsium’s software is now packaged as executables (.EXE) and .MSI files are required to generate transforms to facilitate a customized installation package.


You can extract the .MSI files and corresponding CAB files by using the following command. (Note that this will extract both the 32-bit Browsium-ClientSetup.msi and 64-bit Browsium-ClientSetup.x64.msi .MSI files.)

“Browsium-ClientSetup.exe /extract”

Once you have extracted the .MSI and .CAB files you can use a packaging tool of your choice to generate transforms for both the 32 and 64 bit .MSI files. You will need to generate a .MST file specifically generated for each architecture you wish to package.

You can install the Browsium Client with your chosen architecture using the transform (.MST) you generated by using the following command line. (Note that your transform must match the architecture of the operating system you are installing the Browsium Client onto. For example, a 64-bit installation of Windows requires the transform created with the 64-bit .MSI extracted from the Browsium-ClientSetup.exe file.)

“Browsium-ClientSetup.exe /i // TRANSFORMS=”BrowsiumClientTransform.x64.mst”

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