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Pro Tip: Using “Absolute URI” and “Is” in a rule? Don’t forget the forward slash!

Applies to:

Ion 2.x
Catalyst 2.x or 1.x


Using “Absolute URI” and “Is” in your rule is handy when you need an exact match to a very specific page, but don’t need everything else on the site to use an Ion or Catalyst rule.

But “Absolute URI”is picky: it must match exactly what’s in the address bar when you match it with an “is” rule. For example, here’s Browsium’s web site in the address bar:

address bar

If you make a rule that uses this path, you have to include the trailing forward slash (“/”) – otherwise the rule won’t match if you use “is.”

For Ion, your rule editor will look like this:

ion rule slash


For Catalyst, your rule editor will look like this:

catalyst rule slash


The trailing forward slash isn’t required if you use “Begins with” or “Includes”.

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