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Standard Users may see an Ion license error when logging in or starting the controller manually

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Ion 2.x (This issue has been fixed in Ion 3.0.)


With Ion Update 3, when a standard user logs in and Ion loads, or when a standard user starts the Browsium Ion controller manually, they may see an Ion License error dialog.


The license file used does not have “Users” group assigned the Read ACL/permission on the license file. “System” and “Administrators” have the correct Read permissions.


Set the group “Users” to have Read Permissions on the License file. The file is typically located in the Browsium Ion install directory (“c:\program files\browsium\ion” on 32-bit systems and “c:\program files (x86)\browsium\ion” on 64-bit systems by default). Right-click the file, choose Properties, select the ‘Security’ tab and then add the “Users” group with Read access.



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