Attention Chrome Enterprise Users with Mission Critical Legacy IE Apps

In June of this year, Microsoft will be removing Internet Explorer from most versions of Windows 10.
Nearly every Enterprise still has mission-critical applications that require IE.

IE applications that required Google’s Legacy Browser Support will now require Microsoft’s Edge and
Enterprise Mode Site List in June.

How it works now using Chrome Enterprise:

Google’s suggested “Frankenstein mode” after June:

The Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst, being purpose-built as a multi-browser web traffic manager for the Enterprise, is linearly more
efficient and significantly more configurable than either LBS and/or EMSL AND will leave your users in
the policy-controlled browser that you have chosen for your Enterprise.

With Browsium Catalyst, you can:

  • Redirect to and from all major browsers, including Edge IE Mode
    • Have different browser redirection behavior (close tab, specific page, etc.)
    • Create rules that match a variety of specific criteria
    • Redirect into custom browsers

         All with enterprise-grade customization, training, and support.       



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