Ion Features and Benefits

Here’s a look at the ways Ion unblocks your IE11 migration, allowing you to run legacy and modern web applicationss in a single browser.

Application Compatibility

  • Renders IT-specified sites using legacy rendering modes built into IE – all other sites use IE defaults
  • Supports IE Quirks, IE7 – IE11 rendering modes, enhancing compatibility and security for all web apps
  • Adaptive Quirks boosts compatibility by intelligently choosing between Quirks and IE7 Standards rendering
  • Inject or replace HTML, JavaScript or CSS from client in real time – no server-side code changes
  • Create custom registry, security and feature control settings per app or even per web page
  • Run legacy and current versions of Java side-by-side on a single system


Easy Deployment

  • Works on any PC running IE8 –IE11 – no client PC upgrades needed
  • Requires no new infrastructure and no servers
  • Uses the tools you have in place today – deploy client software via any software distribution system, configurations via Group Policy
  • Configurations are saved as XML files for deployment to client PCs or centralized file/web servers
  • ActiveX controls can be invoked without the need to install on client systems, easing deployment and improving security
  • Simple installation, with unified Browsium Client, delivers all client functionality for the entire Browsium suite (Proton, Ion, and Catalyst)


Simple and Secure

  • Invisible to end users – no need to switch between separate environments or launch virtual machines
  • No user training needed – rules ensure sites use required components no matter how they’re accessed
  • Improves security by enabling organization-wide upgrade to a modern, secure browser
  • Use of legacy IE modes & settings contained to only websites under your control – all other sites rendered with most current, secure settings
  • Lock down Java usage to only those sites designated by IT with ‘white list’ functionality


Don’t wait to improve your web application compatibility, browser control, and overall network security. Download the free Browsium Ion 30-Day Evaluation Kit today.

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