Browsium JumpStart Process

The Browsium JumpStart Program is designed to pick up where your stalled Windows 7 migration left off. Our team of browser and web application remediation experts provide the fastest path to a successful migration using Browsium Ion to remediate your business-critical applications.

To help you better understand the details of the JumpStart process, refer to the following diagram which outlines each phase in detail.


It’s important to understand that the JumpStart Program is designed to exit with a fully scoped project plan, not a deployed solution. That comes later during the Implementation phase, which is beyond the scope of the JumpStart. The Discovery & Unblocking phase and the Baseline Remediation phase of the JumpStart combine to deliver a detailed understanding of your web application environment and the Implementation work that will be required to enable a successful browser or operating system migration.

With the JumpStart Program, you are not required to purchase Ion software licenses until you sign off on the Statement of Work  and the Implementation plan is agreed to. You may use Browsium engineers for Implementation, a Browsium Certified Partner, or your own IT staff. No matter how you proceed, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan to ensure success.

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