Browsium JumpStart Program

Unblock Your Migration – Starting with Your Select Applications

If you’re an IT professional managing a large-scale Windows or browser migration, you know that moving your organization to a new operating system and browser can often be blocked by legacy web applications that won’t run in this new environment. With the clock ticking toward the January 2016 end of support date for IE8, IE9, and IE10, and Windows 10 on the horizon, your migration can’t afford to stall because of web application compatibility issues.

The Browsium JumpStart Program is designed to pick up where your stalled migration left off. Our team of browser and web application remediation experts provide the fastest path to a successful migration using Browsium Ion to remediate your business-critical applications.


Once you’ve completed an inventory and assessment of your current web applications and determined which ones are blocking your migration, we begin the remediation process with a partial remediation of a few of your key apps to unblock and scope the full project. This low-risk approach ensures that the comprehensive acceptance criteria for your project are well understood before you commit to the software license purchase and full remediation of your blocked web applications. When all applications have been remediated, you’re ready to complete your migration with an organization-wide rollout of your new operating system and browser platform.

To learn more, you can read about our JumpStart Process. This page provides more detail about what happens during each phase of a web application remediation.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you understand how the JumpStart works, it’s time to get started. To kick things off, email us or fill out our online contact form and we’ll provide you with a custom proposal to meet the specific needs of your organization – as the project scope may vary based on your requirements. (You’ll also receive the Browsium Ion Evaluation Kit when you fill out the form.)  You’re one JumpStart away from putting your legacy browser in the rear-view mirror. Let’s get started today.

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