Proton Features and Benefits

Proton helps you better understand your web application environment so you can proactively mitigate risks and make better-informed business decisions for your enterprise.

Rich, Valuable Data

  • See which web applications are actively accessed, by whom and how often.
  • Discover which browsers and versions are being used for upgrade and compatibility considerations.
  • Understand Java and ActiveX instances and version details for improved security (includes reporting of insecure ActiveX control usage).
  • Identify unused Java versions that can be uninstalled to reduce attack surface.
  • Know the dependencies between applications, browsers, and add-ons to understand the ramifications of upgrades or migrations.
  • Understand application performance from user endpoints (including historical data) to help troubleshoot and fine-tune web application performance.
  • Identify cloud services activity (including user logins, native cloud client accounts, and file storage usage) to help manage shadow IT.
  • Identify which applications are used by the various lines of business, like Marketing or Finance, to gain perspective on value or priority.
  • Comply with international privacy and regulatory requirements with Privacy Mode, which anonymizes user names and IP addresses.

Easy Deployment, Rapid Access

  • Install the lightweight Browsium Client on 100,000+ PCs in minutes.
  • Data populates the dashboard charts immediately, with no programming or additional data manipulation needed.
  • Access the Proton dashboard via the browser; there’s no need to install management software.
  • View easy-to-digest trend analysis charts or dig deeper into near real-time granular, line-item details.
  • Customize dashboard views with rules about which applications to include or exclude.
  • Export data sets as CSV files and, if desired, import into another BI analytics tool.
  • Simple installation, with unified Browsium Client, delivers all client functionality for the entire Browsium suite (Proton, Ion, and Catalyst).


  • No complicated setup or training.
  • Architected from the ground up to serve complex enterprise browser-based application environments.
  • Scales to your needs – regardless of whether you have 500 or 500,000 PCs.
  • Stores raw browser-based application environment data in a standard Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Supports multi-browser environments (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) for big picture analysis.
  • Reduces security risks across the organization, reporting on Java usage and unused software.
  • Helps with capacity planning, licensing, and investment strategy priorities.

Don’t fly blind about what’s happening in your web application environment – get the real picture with Proton. Download the free Browsium Proton Evaluation Kit.

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